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Tersa quick-change tool

The name quick-change tool says it all: quick-change tool is a tool that you can change quickly. Resulting in a more efficient and effective production process. Are you looking for reliable, quick-change tools? Then choose the original Tersa quick-change tools.

High quality quick-change tools

When you choose for Tersa quick-change tools, you choose for high quality. This high quality is characterized by long-term reliability, safety and ease of use.

Quick, easy and safe

The Tersa quick-change tool is more than 30 years the solution for any professional. Our tool stands for quick, easy and safe replacement of blades when their performance becomes less due to frequent use. Adjusting the blades is not necessary; the handy clamping system provides that the blades fixate themselves.

Our assortment Tersa quick-change tools:

Original Swiss Made

Tools that are good, are counterfeited quickly. Similarly, the quick-change tools of Tersa. But only the Tersa reversible blades are tested in combination with the chisel block, because only the Tersa brand meets the strict regulations. Do you want to be assured of the only real Tersa blades? Then choose Swiss Made Tersa.

Tersa stands more than 30 years for our original Swiss quality you are already accustomed to. Did you know that in all these years we still have not received any complaint about our quick-change tool from the point of security? 

Fast delivery

Because we always have a wide range of Tersa quick-change tools in stock, you are assured of prompt delivery. Want to learn more about our possibilities? Please feel free to contact us. 


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