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Tersa chisel block and head

The Tersa chisel block or head is suited for quite all planers like for instance four-sided planers. The chisel blocks or heads are equipped with the quick-change tool. The brand Tersa is the inventor of this quick-change tool for woodworking. This quick-change tool has been the solution for every professional for already more than 30 years.

Solid Tersa chisel blocks and heads

When you choose a Tersa chisel block or head, you are assured of a solid chisel block or head equipped with the convenient and smart wedge clamping system. Due to the wedge clamping system the chisel blades put themselves stuck in the solid chisel block or head. And adjustment of the blades afterwards is not necessary.

The tool for the professional

Professionals and craftsmen use only the chisel blocks or heads and associated blades of Tersa. Their choice falls on Tersa because of the longevity, safety and ease of use. With us you are at the right place for the different reversible blades:


Each blade is suited for certain types of wood.

Swiss Made Tersa

Tools that are good, are counterfeited quickly. Similarly, there are many counterfeit chisel blocks and blades on the market. Do you want to be assured that you purchase a real Tersa product? Then mark the ‘Swiss Made Tersa’ label. With Swiss Made Tersa you are assured of the excellent Swiss quality.

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Want to know more about the Tersa chisel blocks, heads or reversible blades or are you curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us. Our professional staff will be happy to help.


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