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Swiss made Tersa reversible blades

Professionals choose only Tersa reversible blades because of their longevity, safety and ease of use. Do you also choose for the original Swiss quality? 

Below is an overview of our assortment of Tersa reversible blades. With these six types of blades you can master any type of wood!



A reversible blade out of chrome steel, suitable for soft types of wood.


An enhanced chrome steel reversible blade, suitable for soft and normal types of wood.


A reversible blade out of high speed steel, suitable for resinous types of wood.


A HSS reversible blade with 8% cobalt, suitable for hardwood with a closed cell structure.


A coated reversible blade with M+ structure, suitable for tropical wood of average hardness.


A tungsten carbide reversible blade, suitable for hard and composite wood.


The planing shaft with centrifugal self-adjustment. The revolution eagerly awaited by all wood-working professionals. An improved concept for still better performance. A tool designed to fit any...

Choose the original Swiss Made Tersa blades!

Only the original Tersa reversible blades are one with the Tersa quick-change tool. The strength of Tersa? The hard top layer, superior cutting quality and perfect fit. In our assortment of blades you will find no weak link. How to be assured you deal with a real Tersa blade? By paying attention to the original Swiss Made Tersa

All our Tersa blades are available from stock, so we can guarantee a fast delivery. Learn more about our possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.


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