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Tersa reversible blade

Are you familiar with products from Switzerland? Of course you know that these products are of excellent quality. Besides watches, chocolate and cheese, hence the Tersa reversible blades. That is because the Tersa brand stands for high quality. Original, Swiss quality.

Swiss Made Tersa reversible blades

Products that are good, are often counterfeited. For example, there are also many different counterfeit blades on the market. Do you want to be assured that you purchase a real Tersa reversible blade? Please note the ‘Swiss Made Tersa’ label. With Swiss Made Tersa you are assured of purchasing a quality Tersa reversible blade.

Quick, easy and safe change tool

The Tersa quick-change tool is more than 25 year the solution for every professional. Our tool stands for a quickly, easy and safely change of Tersa reversible blades when these due to constant handling are going to perform less. Adjusting the blades is not necessary; the handy clamping system provides that the blades fixate themselves.

Extensive assortment of Tersa reversible blades

The assortment of Tersa reversible blades has six different types. And each type of Tersa reversible blade is suited for a different type of wood. Below you will find our selection of Tersa reversible blades:

Our own hardening process

The brand Tersa is mainly focused on a good hardening and sharpening of the blades. Both actions are essential for making really good planing and chisel blades. So we have a completely distinct hardening process.

Fast delivery

Because we always have Tersa reversible blades in stock, you are assured of a prompt delivery. Learn more about our possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.


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